Oh no, not another blog about books and writing!

Well, yes – and no. This one is different because it comes with cream buns. And because it’s written by me.

Who the hell is me?

In-between Timm from the Gap, that’s who.

A bipolar being hooked on books, music, tennis, camping and cream buns, I’ve been trying to read and write my way out of my particular pickle for decades – with mixed results.

On one hand I’ve published stories in magazines, created museum displays, penned articles about botanists, self-published a small book, made zines and kept a blog.

On the other hand I’ve failed to finish any number of novels and I’ve kept a blog.

Ah, yes, the blog. Irregular posts on books, writing and life. Earnest, irreverent, idiosyncratic. Regular doses of existential detritus (d12d). Pictures of cream buns.

Sound like your thing? Then pat yourself on the back and come right in…

You’ll find a category list and tag cloud on the right and a guest list here.

My everyday self lives in Brisbane with my mob (two kids, a bride and a beagle) and my job (with Australia’s biggest ‘publisher’ of travel books, the Passport Office).

And then there’s my juicy postgraduate study.

Feel free to leave me comments or to email me at timmintype@gmail.com with your own take on any topic. I’m really quite nice.

Still want more? Check out the blog’s bonus bits or, if you’re an insider, my private parts.

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