2019: A Retrospective



‘Moving On’, ‘In the Making’, ‘Where There’s Smoke’, ‘Bodie’s Bat’, ‘Go-Go Girl’ and ‘Cuckoo’ (unfinished) [4,000 words]


The Bomb-Shaped Book, Making the Team, Simeon and the Something and The Great Escape [4,000 words]


The Daily 12-Dozen (22 posts) and ‘My Northwest Passage: Walking the Penguin Cradle Trail’ [7,000 words]



War and Peace (Leo Tolstoy); The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit (Sloan Wilson); Skylarking (Kate Mildenhall); The Helpline (Katherine Collette); Atomised (Michel Houellebecq); The Thin Red Line and Whistle (James Jones) [7 books]

Kid’s Books

The Boy Biggles and Biggles Goes to School (W.E. Johns); A Bear Called Paddington, More About Paddington and Paddington Helps Out (Michael Bond); We Didn’t Mean to go to Sea (Arthur Ransome); Naughty Amelia Jane (Enid Blyton); Junie B Jones: The Complete First Grade Collection (11 Books) (Barbara Park); The 117-Storey Treehouse (Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton) and The Whispering Mountain (Joan Aiken) [20 books]


Books & Writing

The Intelligent Person’s Guide to Modern Culture (Roger Scruton); First You Write a Sentence (Joe Morgan); The Innocent Reader (Debra Adelaide); Scratch (Manjula Martin ed.); The Year of Reading Dangerously (Andy Miller); The Diary of a Bookseller (Shaun Bythell) and Use Your Words (Catherine Deveny) [7 books]


The Practice and Science of Drawing and Oil Painting Techniques and Materials (Harold Speed)


Shout (Phillip Norman)


Break Point (Kevin Mitchell) and Driven (Julie Heldman)


The Complete Unreliable Memoirs (5 volumes) (Clive James); This House of Grief (Helen Garner); The Last Days of Hitler (Hugh Trevor-Roper) and The Great Escape (Paul Brickhill)



The Tennis Podcast; Adrift; The First Time Podcast; Backlisted; I Am the Eggpod; The World Cricket Show; The Slightly Foxed Podcast; My Seattle Mixtape and 13 Minutes to the Moon

Great Courses

A History of England From the Tudors to the Stuarts; Inventions that Changed the World; Shakespeare and How to Read and Understand Shakespeare


Miscellaneous classical music (from my collection and via ABC Classic)
Pop and rock retrospectives (The Beatles and Grunge music)
New albums from Guster and Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians


The Butterfly Lion and Kensuke’s Kingdom (Michael Morpurgo)


‘A Family at War’ (TV series; 3 seasons; 52 episodes)
The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit (movie)
Miscellaneous sport (AFL, tennis and cricket)