Oh no, not another blog about books and writing!

Well, yes and no. This one is different because it’s mostly about me – and because it’s where I park my bus.

Who the hell is me?

Timm from the Gap – that’s who.

A bipolar being hooked on books, music and cream buns, I’ve been trying to read and write my way out of my particular pickle for decades – with mixed results.

On one hand I’ve published stories in magazines, produced museum displays and kept a blog.

On the other I’ve failed to finish any number of novels – and I’ve kept a blog.

Ah yes, the blog. Irregular posts on books, writing and life. Earnest, irreverent, absurd. Regular doses of existential detritus (d12d). Pictures of cream buns.

And then there’s the bus – the Bridges Omnibus, that is.

This commodious old crate is crammed full of research and resources relating to two of Tasmania’s most memorable yet least remembered writers: Roy and Hilda Bridges.

I spent two years studying the Bridges for my Honours degree and I’m now a devotee.

Sound like your thing? Then pat yourself on the back and come right in…

To help you find your way around I’ve created a guest list and a skeleton key.

My everyday self lives in Brisbane with my mob (two kids, a bride and a beagle) and my job (with Australia’s biggest ‘publisher’ of travel books).

Feel free to leave me comments or to email me at timmintype@gmail.com with your take on any topic. I’m really quite nice.

Still want more? Check out my slush pile and brag book. Or, if you’re a lover of little-rature, my other blog, flash wounds. It’s big on the small.

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