on writing

What I don’t know about writing could fill a blog – and does.

It’s true: timm in type houses a host of posts on a trio of literary tropes.

Writing as a Craft
Pick-up Lines: How Not to Start a Novel
Majority Report: Coming of Age Online
Blogging Bad: Seven Reasons Why Lists Suck
Feathers and Fur (Part 1): Doctored Strangelove or Sexual Stuntfest?
Feathers and Fur (Part 2): The Climactic Conclusion
Hanging on Every Word: Why Minor Moments Matter
A Tale With Teeth (Part 1): Putting the Bite Back into Fairy Stories

Writing as a Vocation
‘One Does What One Is’: On Being a Writer
Somewhere to Land: Why We Write What We Write
Novelists Write Novels: The Pencil Drops

Writing as a Career

Man of Many Parts: Shakespeare, Modern-day Novelist
On Being a Back-to-Front Writer: Story-telling and Self-promotion

You’d be forgiven for thinking I can write!

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