bridges omnibus

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Welcome aboard the Bridges Omnibus, a work in progress.

This collection is aimed at anyone interested in:
– Roy Bridges (1885-1952) and his sister, Hilda Bridges (1881-1971)
– Tasmanian and Australian literature, history and literary criticism
– popular fiction published in the first half of the 20th century
– displaced writers and the British literary diaspora

The collection contains:
resources (copies of archival material such as letters and photographs)
research (original essays, articles and stories)
references to other resources and research

It comes with a glossary of key themes and topics, people and places.

Exploring the Omnibus is easy.

Begin with a guided tour or browse by:
subject using the index
item using the catalogue
date using the chronology
publication using the bibliography

Or simply search the collection.

The Bridges Omnibus is part of my ‘Bridges Renewal Programme’.

In early 2021, as an Honours student at the University of Tasmania, I won a scholarship to study a collection of papers held in the Tasmanian Archives – the papers of Roy and Hilda Bridges, two popular and prolific writers born, bred and buried in Tasmania.

Over the next two years I combed through hundreds of documents, writing a series of essays and articles – and even a novella – based on my findings. Twice I was awarded the Morris Miller Prize in Australian Literature for my efforts.

Since graduating with First Class Honours I’ve tried to put the Bridges behind me, but Roy and Hilda’s lives, literature and literary fortunes are too appealing (and revealing) to be left unexplored any longer.

Join me as I set out to rebuild the Bridges.

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