life lines

Sadly I can’t help writing about my errant existence.

I explore everything from relationships, self-improvement and mental health to personal history and practical matters.

As Thin as Thieves: From Sausages to Civil Society

Open, Sesame: Homi K. Bhabha, Hybridity and Me
Empty Vessel No More: Coming Back to (University) Life
Safer Waters: Evading the Shark of Life
Going Native: How to Change Without Changing
Teenage Me: Living for the Line Well-Sung
Conflicting Interests: What Happens When You Want What You Don’t Want

Mental Health
Mind After Modesty: Putting My Dreams to Bed
Finding Your Type: On Being Read by a Writer
The Upside of Down: ‘Falling to Safety’
Intermission (1): When Depression Isn’t the End of the Show

Personal History
Diversionary Tactics: Going Nowhere, Getting Somewhere
Making the Crossing: Roy Bridges, Tasmania and Me
Mind Games: A Crash Course in Staying the Course
The (Less) Lost Legionnaire: Music, Family and Home
The Boy Who Didn’t Want To Be: A Chance Encounter
Write to Life: How I Added a Twist to My Tale
Seeing Things Feelingly: Books, Climate Change and Me
My Northwest Passage: Walking the Penguin Cradle Trail
Talk and Self-Talk: People, Their Diaries and Me
Only Words Remain: The Day My Music Died
Humble Pie: How I Got My Just Desserts
Imaginary Friends: The Perils of Putting Books in Boxes
Where There’s a Will: Escaping (or Embracing) the Facts of Your Birth
Frightening to the Power of X: How I Saved Civilisation (Again)
Painting Over the Past: Does History Hinder or Help?
Mother Knows Best: How I Saved Civilisation (Again)
Letting Yourself Go: How My Voice Went and Came Back
Of Smoke and Skirts: Up, Up and Away
Off the Couch: How I Saved Civilisation
Sleep On It: How I Stopped Bowing to the God of Nod

Practical Matters
A Mere Domestic Convenience: Parenting and Its Pitfalls
The New Fat is Thin: Why It Pays to Make Pig of Yourself

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