Our Exile Ends

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dear Maud,

Yes, my friend, I confess: a year, no less, has elapsed since our last exchange. Here, though, our exile ends!

In that time – a veritable annus of inattention – little of import has come to pass. Like moths, our flimsy souls have fluttered a-more for the moon, only to fall at the feet of idols on its going down.

Even so, our haunt – the famed and fabulous Eggnham Castle – begins to bear signs of our airy existence. Gardens have grown, paths have opened, and Yeoman’s Hut, once the home of a lone lorn Pole, has begun its inevitable transfiguration, prompting me, like Ovid, to petition the gods:

‘You heavenly powers, since you were responsible for those changes, as for all else, look favourably on my attempts.’

That, too, stands for this missive, which I now dismissive.

Yours etc.