In March I went back to school, starting an Honours course at the University of Tasmania and winning a scholarship to study a special collection. Since then I’ve done a semester of coursework, despite being laid low by the lurgy in June.

A part-time student, I tackled two units in the first half of the year, scoring high distinctions for each.

Humanities Research Methods armed me with ‘ideas, knowledge, and skills key to doing research in the Humanities’. It required me to write an annotated bibliography of key sources for my thesis, a thesis plan and an essay about my discipline.

To build upon my ‘grasp of disciplinary methods and knowledge through focusing on a special topic’ (travel writing) – that was the aim of the Advanced Reading Seminar, for which I wrote a critical review and an essay (a travel narrative).

I’m currently working on my final two coursework units: Communicating Research and a Negotiated Study (in which I hope to write my exegesis).