Colourful Language (The Right Hue for You)

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Colour has the power to excite our emotions and yet few of us apply it to our writing.

What hues, then, should you use to maximise your mood while you work?

Denotes passion, desire and love. Give it a go when you’re writing sex scenes and romance.

Evokes harmony and peace. Not for conflict between characters or westerns and war stories. Also best avoided when writing reviews.

Suggests joy and happiness. Perfect for comedy, wisecracks and witty dialogue.

The colour of luxury, power and ambition. Best for historical sagas about kings and queens.

Stands for vulnerability and youth. Use it for that YA novel you’ve been meaning to write.

Denotes death, evil and mystery. Great for crime-writing, tragedy and horror.

Symbolises perfection. Not recommended.

My colour of choice. Calm, logical and intelligent – just like this blog.

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