Circe’s Wise Words (Resisting the Song of the Sirens)

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I heard a song on the radio recently as I was driving home. I didn’t catch its name, but I caught the name of the band.

Guided by Voices.

We’re all guided by something.

Sometimes it’s a grumble in our guts, the murmur of our hearts or lewd whispers emanating from somewhere much lower.

Occasionally conscience calls.

Mostly, though, we’re led on by the voices in our heads.

In Greek mythology a Siren is a creature – half bird, half woman – that lures sailors to their doom with its singing.

Odysseus encounters two such creatures as he sails home from Troy. Heeding Circe’s wise words, he has himself lashed to the mast so he can’t steer his ship on to the rocks.

Now, to resist the Sirens’ song, I too have tied myself down, although not to a boat but a bus – the Bridges Omnibus.

[Image from SPHS]

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