guest list

No blog is an island, and this online atoll has played host to creators, characters and creatures aplenty.

Creators (Books)

William Allingham, R.M. Ballantyne (The Coral Island), Anthony Burgess (Inside Mr Enderby), Winston Churchill, Captain James Cook (Journals), T.S. Eliot (‘The Wasteland’), Richard Ford (The Sportswriter), Sigmund FreudThomas Hardy (Mayor of Casterbridge), Ernest Hemingway, Johann Herder, Patricia Highsmith (The Talented Mr Ripley), HomerJohn Hooker (Our Jack & The Bush Soldiers), Clive James (Unreliable Memoirs), W.E. Johns (the Biggles Books), James Jones (The Thin Red Line), James Joyce (Ulysses), Jean Baptiste Alphonse Karr (Les Guêpes), Thomas Kuhn (The Structure of Scientific Revolutions), David Lodge (A Man of Parts and The Art of Fiction), Lennie Lower (Here’s Luck), Malcolm Lowry (Under the Volcano), Thomas Mallon (A Book of Their Own), Thomas Mann, Prof. Muir, Robert Musil (The Man Without Qualities), Vladimir Nabokov (Lolita), Derek Robinson (Goshawk Squadron), Heather Rose (Bruny), William Shakespeare (The Merchant of Venice; King Lear), George Bernard Shaw (‘What Is Wrong With Our System of Education’), Percy Bysshe Shelley, Charles Spurgeon, Madeleine St John (Women in Black), Anthony Storr (The Dynamics of Creation), Peter Watson (Ideas), H.G. Wells, P.G. Wodehouse (Blandings Castle)

Creators (Movies & Music)

Peter Allen (‘Quiet Please, There’s a Lady on Stage’), Woody Allen (Blue Jasmine), Bruce Beresford (Ladies in Black), Marlon Brando (On the Waterfront), Jeff Buckley, Johnny Cash, Gavin Clark (Clayhill, ‘Grasscutter’), Don Dilego (‘New Road’), Bob Dylan (‘Gotta Serve Somebody’), Frankie Goes to Hollywood (‘Relax’), George Gershwin (Rhapsody in Blue), Vladimir HorowitzKeane (‘The Starting Line’), Franz LizstChristopher Nolan (Dunkirk), Dennis Potter (Mayor of Casterbridge), Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam, ‘Jeremy’), Fritz Wunderlich


A Fucking Idiot Full StopA Nuggety Old BlokeA Poor Man’s Bob DylanAdam and His OtherAn Associate Publisher at PenguinBigglesChopper, Dave the Driver, David and Janice, Goldie de GrootLily DunnGinger Without the FredMy Medico, Once Upon a TamOur Pet Butcher, Mal, Phil, Roman VandalsSelfish PricksThat Bloke and His BriarThe Clumsy FiremanWat, with a Broken ToothWeedy TeensChad Wilcox


Bureaucats and DogsThe Ethereal EweThe Whale SharkThe Wolf That Wasn’t Foxing

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