Falling Into Place (The Genesis of an Idea)

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First China, then Korea, Vietnam and Laos, all the way along the chain to India.

No, that’s not my travel itinerary but rather the projected march of Communism through Asia according to the Domino Theory, itself an idea based upon the domino effect.

Of course, the theory never worked in practice – it was only a theory, after all.

To see the domino effect at work you need only look at my life, and at the genesis of this very series of posts – dubbed, you’ll recall, the daily 12-dozen.

An interview on a podcast gave me an idea for a book which made me think I had to start a writer’s group but to do so I thought better I’d kickstart my blog and a competition hinted at how I might do it.

Down they go!

Ever wonder which domino will be next to fall?

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