daily 12-dozen

In a world awash with words, the daily 12-dozen (d12d) stands alone.

Not because readers aren’t drawn to it – they aren’t – but because the number 144 has a profoundly deep meaning, especially when delivered in words every weekday.

Not convinced? Then check out the news. As Huey says, it’s hip to be squared.

d12d1:     I Write Therefore I Am (Not Necessarily Read)
d12d2:     Ghosts of Books Half-Read (Here Laid to Rest)
d12d3:     On Making a Creative Comeback (With Carmel)
d12d4:     Erring Authors (Writers Not Readers?)
d12d5:     The Worrying Wind (And Music’s Sweet Air)
d12d6:     Falling Into Place (The Genesis of an Idea)
d12d7:     Against All Odds (Don’t Bet On It)
d12d8:     Up to the Challenge (All Writing is Good Writing)
d12d9:     Colourful Language (The Right Hue for You)
d12d10:   Negotiating the Unknown (Writers and Mentors)
d12d11:   Plotting It Out (To Plan or Not to Plan)
d12d12:   Choking on Words (Writing, A Dangerous Obsession)
d12d13:   Typographical Errors (Badly Bought Books)
d12d14:   The Oldest Trick in the Book (A Review of ‘Polar Bears’)
d12d15:   ‘Old Things Are Awesome’ (An Interview with Harmony Higgins)
d12d16:   They Called Him Herman (Melville’s ‘Moby Dick’)
d12d17:   Sitting Still (Friday Flash Fiction)
d12d18:   The WunderKindle (Making Books Better)
d12d19:   Frankly, My Dear (I Do Give a Damn)
d12d20:   Looking For Love (In All the Wrong Places)
d12d21:   Signature Moves (Authors and Autographs)
d12d22:   Self-Made Men (And Other Leaps of Faith)
d12d23:   Writing Out the Storm (With Pen and Paper)
d12d24:   Writing is Hard (But That’s Okay)
d12d25:   Seize the Hour (Wake Up to Yourself)
d12d26:   Sound Remains (Communing With the Dead)
d12d27:   Cooking the Books (From First Draft to a Feast for the Senses)
d12d28:   My Rightful Ranking (An On-Court Reminder)
d12d29:   All Ears (Me and My Podcast Pals)
d12d30:   Ghost Writing (Johnno, Dante and David Malouf)
d12d31:   Why I Write (And Why I Don’t Care that Nobody Cares)
d12d32:   Caliban’s Rage (Seeing and Not Seeing My Face in a Mirror)
d12d33:   Circe’s Wise Words (Resisting the Song of the Sirens)