The Oldest Trick in the Book (A Review of ‘Polar Bears’)

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Ever laughed until you’ve cried?

If you haven’t, try reading ‘Polar Bears‘, a story by arts journalist and author, Gareth Hipwell.

This vicious but very funny vignette tackles a serious subject by stealth. Even before you’ve had time to wipe your nose its end has arrived, and the story, like a bear, has bitten off your head – only half of it, mind.

The story concisely captures the dichotomy in the ongoing debate about climate change: Tom and Jess have ‘polar’ opposite opinions and never the twain shall meet.

And although the story didn’t bring me to actual tears – is crying a conspiracy? – the plight of the planet is well worth weeping over.

‘Polar Bears’ was published at Flashers, the ‘online home of Australian flash fiction’, which is currently in hibernation. Here’s hoping global warming will bring it back to life sometime soon.

Sleepers, wake!

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