Why I Write (And Why I Don’t Care that Nobody Cares)

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Why do I write?

It’s a question no-one wants answered – no-one but me, that is.

And that’s the point.

I write for myself. Partly because I love piecing words together and solving puzzles; partly because I love the way words look in print, and how they sometimes shine with insight.

I do it, too, because I love learning.

In other words, I’m an amateur – and a proud one to boot.

See what I mean? For me, those two weird little words make this piece worthwhile.

To boot.

Is that me, the writer, putting my foot down – or getting it stuck in my mouth?

One in a thousand wannabes make a living from writing; even fewer win fame and fortune. Writing for money is a gamble.

I can buy me a lottery ticket but I can’t buy me love. Love must be made.

By writing.

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