Why I Write (And Why I Don’t Care that Nobody Cares)

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Why do I write?

It’s a question no-one wants answered – no-one but me, that is.

And that’s the point.

I write for myself. Partly because I love piecing words together and solving puzzles; partly because I love the way words look in print, and how they sometimes shine with insight.

I do it, too, because I love learning.

In other words, I’m an amateur – and a proud one to boot.

See what I mean? For me, those two weird little words make this piece worthwhile.

To boot.

Is that me, the writer, putting my foot down – or getting it stuck in my mouth?

One in a thousand wannabes make a living from writing; even fewer win fame and fortune. Writing for money is a gamble.

I can buy me a lottery ticket but I can’t buy me love. Love must be made.

By writing.

Looking For Love (In All the Wrong Places)

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I know a boy whose name is Adam.

The teachers at Adam’s school gave out prizes today. Adam had never won an award and he thought his time had finally come. He’d worked hard every day and although he wasn’t the fastest of learners, he was diligent, never leaving his desk until his work was done.

The ceremony was held in the hall. The winner’s names were read out one by one but Adam’s was not among them. He was devastated; afterwards, he ran into the bushes at the bottom of the school, fighting back tears.

Adam wanted to leave. And yet as he turned to go, the cries of his friends came to him from afar, seeming to say that if he went now he, like his namesake, might never truly return. So he stayed.

I know a boy whose name is Adam.

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Frankly, My Dear (I Do Give a Damn)

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Here’s the thing about writing a novel. No-one will care if I do it.

I mean, who reads novels these days? Hardly anyone I know. A couple of my colleagues maybe, none of my mates, a precious few friends and family. That’s not many folks.

Of course if I write something that sells, then people I don’t know might care. But what’s the good of that? As the least famous Churchill (Charles, the poet) wrote, ‘Fame/is nothing but an empty name’.

But why do I even care if nobody cares?

Because I’m human and humans crave unconditional love.

‘Growing up involves accepting that we’re not as special as we thought,’ Nick Hornby once said. ‘But artists have to keep that feeling alive.’

Come to think of it, I do know someone who will care if I write a novel.

And that someone is me.

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