guest list (cont.)

Creators (Movies & Music)

Peter Allen (‘Quiet Please, There’s a Lady on Stage’), Woody Allen (Blue Jasmine), Johann Sebastian Bach, Bruce Beresford (Ladies in Black), Marlon Brando (On the Waterfront), Jeff Buckley, Johnny Cash, Gavin Clark (Clayhill, ‘Grasscutter’), Elvis Costello (‘Black and White World’, ‘The Long Division’), Don Dilego (‘New Road’), Bob Dylan (‘Gotta Serve Somebody’), Frankie Goes to Hollywood (‘Relax’), George Gershwin (Rhapsody in Blue), Vladimir Horowitz, Robert Johnson, Keane (‘The Starting Line’), Led Zeppelin, John Lennon (‘Mind Games’), Franz LizstChristopher Nolan (Dunkirk), Pop Will Eat Itself, Dennis Potter (Mayor of Casterbridge), Jean Sibelius, Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam, ‘Jeremy’), Fritz Wunderlich


A Granny, A Nuggety Old Bloke, A Pickled Old Prune, Ali Baba, A Suicidal Kid, A Dozen Middle-Aged Boys, A Hungry Wayfarer, A Fucking Idiot Full StopA Nuggety Old BlokeA Poor Man’s Bob DylanAdam and His OtherAn Associate Publisher at PenguinBiggles, Boy on a BMX, Julius Caesar, Caled, Cospak and Plasdene, Caliban, Cassim Baba, Chopper, Circe, Dave the Driver, David and Janice, Dr Nicolla, Goldie de Groot, Lily Dunn, Gurguit Barbtruc and Ferrex plus Porrex, Ginger Without the Fred, God, Jesus, Mr Boy, My Daughter, My Medico, Nance Mockridge, Odysseus, Old Daddy Shchukar, Once Upon a Tam, Major Tom, Mother Nature, Noah, Our Pet Butcher, Mal, Paul Temple, Phil, Podcast Pals, Roman VandalsSelfish Pricks, Sophie, Tasmania, That Bloke and His Briar, The Beatles, The Clumsy Fireman, The Gruff Englishman, The Wily Tramp, Wat, with a Broken ToothWeedy TeensChad Wilcox, Will, A Wannabe Writer Like Me, Zephuros


Bureaucats and Dogs, Dougal the Duck, Grizzlies, Our Duck Dougal, Albie and Red, The Ethereal Ewe, The SirensThe Whale SharkThe Wolf That Wasn’t Foxing